As per the University regulations for a candidate to be eligible for appearing for the University examinations of the B.S.W. and M.S.W. each year, must have:

  • 75% of attendance of lecture classes in each subject in each year,
  • full attendance for the stipulated hours in field work,
  • satisfactory performance in examination / tests and
  • satisfactory conduct.

Attendance requirement

a) Lectures

As both the B.S.W. and M.S.W. are full time courses, students are expected to attend every class on time. Roll call is taken during every class and the student is marked absent if he / she is late by more than ten minutes. Seventy-five percent of attendance is required in each paper to be eligible to appear for the University Examinations. The student’s examination forms will be withdrawn from the University, if this requirement is not fulfilled by the end of the year except in extenuating circumstances.

It is strongly recommended that students make necessary alternate arrangements for carrying out their family responsibilities if any, as the course would make demands on their time.

Prior permission has to be obtained for absence from individual classes from the faculty concerned. Leave of absence in each case may be granted on the merit of the particular case.

For leave exceeding one day, prior permission must be obtained from the Faculty Adviser. In case of illness exceeding a day, a letter explaining the absence must be sent to the Principal through the Faculty Adviser and a medical certificate should be submitted on the day the student reports to the college after the illness.

Any absence of students on the day of the reopening of the College after vacation will not be condoned except in unavoidable circumstances. Such absence will be treated as a serious lapse in the conduct of the student.

b) Field Work

All students are expected to work for a minimum of 15 hours per week in the field. They are also expected to make up their fieldwork hours when absent from field work. They must inform the agency if they cannot attend to the work on a fieldwork day so that the client system and the agency are not inconvenienced. Any absence from fieldwork of a longer duration than one day must be communicated in writing to the Faculty Adviser. Unlike attendance at lectures, 100 per cent fieldwork hours must be completed to be eligible to appear for the University Examination.

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